About the project

LIFE Paint-it project (LIFE15 ENV/IT/000417)  is aimed at demonstrating a novel manufacturing process based on a pre-industrial scale capable of producing innovative high-quality safe antifouling paints for naval applications. Thanks to the advancements in the realization of amphiphilic surfaces able to disorientate the growth of marine species on ship hulls, LIFE Paint-it project overcomes the challenge of the complex synthesis procedure proposing new routes to manufacture painting materials through organic-inorganic hybrid resins. In addition, LIFE Paint-it project will have significant environmental impacts such as 100% reduction of biocides, huge decrease of energy, GHG and waste due to the reduction of hull maintenance activities and a consistent reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 19.2 million tons CO2 eq (1000 times the CO2 emissions per year produced by all the cars in Italy).

First phase:

  • finalization of the antifouling formulation based on testing the physical, mechanical and functional properties of the coatings;
  • selection of the most appropriate curing and application methods in order to achieve the scaling up of the formulation production;
  • construction, development and testing of the pre-industrial pilot plant.

Second phase:

  • painting of the hull of the prototype vessel with the best-performing formulation in order to evaluate the performance in a harbour calm water and, then, during operation at sea;
  • life cycle assessment (LCA) from raw materials to products disposal;
  • evaluation of the socio-economic impacts of the results acquired during the whole project period.

Third phase:

  • dissemination and communication activities of the project results, impacts (socio-economic and environmental) at national /EU scales through written information, electronic media, and person-to-person contact;
  • active targeting of the relevant stakeholders to establish connections;
  • fostering the replicability and transferability of the project solution.